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If driving along these roads, one better not miss the exit; otherwise, it will be a long drive until the next exit. Of the roads listed here, all are toll roads except #3 and #10.

1. Florida's Turnpike: 51 miles

This is the distance between adjacent exits along the southbound section of Florida's Turnpike from St. Cloud and Yeehaw Junction, to the southeast of the Orlando area. The northbound section has 49 miles between exits.

2. Florida's Turnpike: 40 miles

Florida's Turnpike appears twice in this list. The next section to the south, between Yeehaw Junction and Fort Pierce, lasts for 40 miles without an exit.

3. Interstate 80 (I-80) in Western Utah: 37 miles

Between exit 4 near Wendover and exit 41 near Knolls, in the Great Salt Lake Desert, lies 37 miles of freeway without an exit.

4. Pennsylvania Turnpike: 36 miles

This section of the oldest turnpike in the United States, between Somerset and Bedford in southwestern Pennsylvania, has no exits for 36 miles. I-70 and I-76 both share this stretch of road.

5. Kansas Turnpike: 34 miles

Between Emporia and Cassoday, the Kansas Turnpike (I-35, along this portion) goes for 34 miles without an exit.

6. Turner Turnpike in Oklahoma: 31 miles

The westbound lanes of Turner Turnpike (I-44) between Chandler and Oklahoma City have no exit for 31 miles. However, the eastbound lanes have an exit during this 31 mile stretch, at Wellston.

7. Alligator Alley in Southern Florida: 30 miles

Between exits 14 and 14a (both with relatively few towns nearby), Alligator Alley (I-75) goes for 30 miles without an exit.

7. Kansas Turnpike: 30 miles

The Kansas Turnpike appears once again (this time along its I-335 section) with 30 miles separating the south Topeka and Admire exits.

7. Massachusetts Turnpike: 30 miles

The Mass Turnpike (I-90), between Lee and Westfield in the Berkshires, has 30 miles without an exit.

10. I-40 in Southeastern California: 28 miles

Along I-40 between the town of Ludlow and Kelbaker Road, one will have nowhere to go, except further down the freeway for 28 miles.

This list does not include service areas, where one cannot exit away from the turnpike.

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