Chapter 3


Here are just a few of the lists you'll find in Chapter Three...

Most Populous U.S. Cities Without Interstate Highways
You have to take, uhh, regular highways to get to these places.

Now or Never: Longest Distances Between Exits on Limited Access Roads (Freeways, Turnpikes, Etc.) in the U.S.
People who miss their exit are in for a LONNNNNG ride.

Ten Largest Countries (by Area) Without Railroads
Eurail passes aren't valid in Iceland, the only European (albeit island-European) country on this list, at #10.

Highest Commercial Airports in the World
Is the mountain too high to climb? No problem, just fly there!

Airports to Which Walking Is Almost an Option: U.S. Cities Where Downtown (City Hall) Is Closest to the Airport
In the two cities tied for #1, the weather is good enough to walk to the airport most of the time.

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