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Second Street is the most common street in the United States. About 12% of the most populous cities, however, have no Second Street (or 2nd Street, 2nd Avenue, etc.), even if they have some other numbered street names (like 10th Street). This list contains both old cities (like Chicago) and newer cities/suburbs (like Plano, Texas).

In contrast, about 40% of the most populous cities have no Main Street.

1. Chicago, Illinois
2. San Antonio, Texas*
3. Indianapolis, Indiana
4. El Paso, Texas
5. Las Vegas, Nevada
6. Anaheim, California
7. Greensboro, North Carolina
8. Plano, Texas
9. Chandler, Arizona
10. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

* Has a small "2nd Street" on the back side of San Antonio International Airport, but this isn't a true street, just an alley.

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