Bonus List


Mountains on the license plates of cars have been quite the rage in recent years. Every state which is completely in Mountain Time has mountains on the license plates, except New Mexico (though some plates there have a design which might allude to mountains). Many of the states with mountains on the license plates also have snow on the mountains, though some do not, like Arizona, which features a saguaro cactus next to the mountains. Oddly, South Carolina used to have mountains on their plates (it does have mountains in a small part of the state). A few states feature a specific mountain, like New Hampshire (Old Man in the Mountain), or South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore).

1. Alaska
2. Arizona
3. Colorado
4. Idaho
5. Montana
6. Nevada
7. New Hampshire
8. New York
9. Oregon
10. South Dakota
11. Texas
12. Utah
13. Washington
14. Wyoming

Data based on license plates issued in 2010.

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