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Skunk are a familiar scene in most of the United States. However, they are not native to many countries around the world. The 11 species of skunks are native to all mainland countries in North and South America. Stink badgers (a type of skunk) are native to parts of the island nations of Indonesia and the Philippines. Europe, Africa, Australia, mainland Asia and most island nations (including those in the Caribbean) have no native skunks. The famous striped skunk is only native to the "lower 48" of the U.S., parts of Canada and a small part of northern Mexico.

1. Argentina
2. Belize
3. Bolivia
4. Brazil
5. Canada
6. Chile
7. Colombia
8. Costa Rica
9. Ecuador
10. El Salvador
11. French Guiana
12. Guatemala
13. Guyana
14. Honduras
15. Indonesia (stink badger)
16. Mexico
17. Nicaragua
18. Panama
19. Paraguay
20. Peru
21. Philippines (stink badger)
22. Suriname
23. United States
24. Uruguay
25. Venezuela

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