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Very few U.S. cities have German names, unlike Spanish or French names. Only one U.S. city with a German name has a population of greater than 100,000. Ironically, while many of the German town names are in the Midwest, the two largest U.S. German-named cities are in the sea of Spanish-named cities in California. Note that some of these names have deviated spellings (Anaheim, for example, would be Annaheim in true German; Carlsbad would be Karlsbad). Non-German city names with the german suffix -burg were not included (such as Spartanburg, South Carolina).

1. Anaheim, California
2. Carlsbad, California
3. Schaumburg, Illinois
4. Germantown, Maryland*
5. Frederick, Maryland
6. Hoffman Estates, Illinois
7. New Berlin, Wisconsin
8. Germantown, Tennessee*
9. Bremerton, Washington
10. New Braunfels, Texas

* Well, sort of counts! Of course, German is not really a German word (Deutsch is).

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