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Large cities in other countries (especially Asia) are much more likely to have unique names than large cities in the United States. Among the 50 largest cities in the world, more than 1/3 have names shared by no other cities, towns, villages or even minute hamlets in the world. In contrast, only 1/10 of the 50 largest cities in the US have can claim the same. This is partly because the 50 U.S. states will often duplicate each others' town names (even large cities) and partly because many other countries (especially in Asia) have languages unique to that country (like most languages of China and India), so duplication will be much less common.

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1. Mumbai, India*
2. Seoul, South Korea
3. Istanbul, Turkey
4. Jakarta, Indonesia
5. Guangzhou, China**
6. Tianjin, China***
7. Wuhan, China
8. Bangkok, Thailand
9. Chongqing, China
10. Kolkata, India*

This list excludes Mexico City, since numerous towns in the United States have the name Mexico, even though it that name is not followed by the word "City" (or preceded by "Ciudad de") anywhere except the Mexican capital.

* Mumbai and Kolkata are unique names, even though the westernized names Bombay and Calcutta have many duplicates.
** Guangzhou is a unique name, though the westernized name Canton has many duplicates.
*** An alternate spelling of Tianjin, Tientsin, is the name of a village in Sri Lanka.

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