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Almost all countries with a crescent in their flag have a Muslim majority. However, there are two exceptions: Singapore and Nepal. The crescent was designed into Singapore's flag during independence to supposedly assure Malaysia, in which Singapore was formerly located, that it was not becoming a Chinese state. The other exception is Nepal, but in that case, the crescent refers to the moon and not to Islam (there is also a sun in the flag). Many of the flags from Islamic nations with crescents also have green coloring (a traditional color of Islam).

1. Algeria
2. Azerbaijan
3. Brunei*
4. Comoros
5. Iran*
6. Malaysia
7. Maldives
8. Mauritania
9. Nepal*
10. Pakistan
11. Singapore
12. Tunisia
13. Turkey
14. Turkmenistan
15. Uzbekistan

* One or more crescents are blended with other shapes.

Singaporean Flag (from CIA World Factbook):

Nepali Flag (from CIA World Factbook):

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