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In Chapter 7 (Money Geography) of the book, various regional chain stores were listed with furthest east, north, south and/or west locations of the chain. Here are a few more...

Aubuchon Hardware

This hardware chain is found only in New England and upstate New York, mainly in small towns.

Furthest south: Falmouth, Massachusetts (42 N)
Furthest west: West Carthage, New York (76 W)

Casey's General Stores

Casey's is a convenience store based in Iowa and is found in mostly rural parts of the Midwest.

Furthest east: Hartford City, Illinois (85 W)
Furthest north: Milaca, Minnesota (46 N)
Furthest south: Senath, Missouri (36 N)
Furthest west: North Platte, Nebraska (101 W)

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is a grocery store found in 4 states: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon (where it's based) and Washington. It is now owned by Kroger, but the stores have kept the name Fred Meyer.

Furthest east: Idaho Falls, Idaho (112 W)
Furthest north: Fairbanks, Alaska (65 N)
Furthest south: Brookings, Oregon (42 N)

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a grocery store based in North Carolina. Its stores cover territory from northern Virginia south to extreme northern Florida and as far west as Nashville, Tennessee.

Furthest north: Germantown, Maryland (39 N)
Furthest south: Fernandina Beach, Florida (31 N)
Furthest west: Nashville, Tennessee (87 W)


Hastings is a book/music/video store that is found in mainly the Plains and Rocky Mountain states. It can be found in the eastern part of one Pacific state (Washington) and as far east as Georgia and Tennessee. The headquarters are in Amarillo.

Furthest east: Maryville, Tennessee (84 W)
Furthest west: Wenatchee, Washington (120 W)

Les Schwab Tires

Les Schwab is a chain of tires stores found in the northwestern United States (including Alaska). This chain extends as far south as central California and as far east as Utah and western Montana.

Furthest east: Price, Utah (111 W)
Furthest south: Turlock, California (37 S)

Schuck's Auto Supply

Schuck's has a similar retail region that Fred Meyer has--the Pacific Northwest (including Alaska). Like Fred Meyer, Schuck's is a regional brand owned by a larger company (CSK Auto).

Furthest east: Twin Falls, Idaho (114 W)
Furthest north: Fairbanks, Alaska (65 N)
Furthest south: Mt. Shasta, California (41 N)


This Altoona, Pennsylvania-based convenience store is common from northeastern Ohio and Pennsylvania south to parts of North Carolina.

Furthest east: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (75 W)
Furthest north: Erie, Pennsylvania (42 N)
Furthest south: Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina (36 N)
Furthest west: North Ridgeville, Ohio (82 W)

Data current as of May 2007. No endorsement of any of the above companies is implied; they are listed strictly for educational and entertainment purposes.

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