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The Appalachian states definitely have the highest concentration of strange place names! However, there are plenty of weird place names elsewhere. Many many of these places are very small!

Cities and Towns:

Accident, Maryland
Between, Georgia
Bingo, Maine
Bird In Hand, Pennsylvania
Blowout, Texas
Blue Ball, Pennsylvania
Boogertown, North Carolina
Boring, Oregon
Bumpass, Virginia
Buzz, Pennsylvania
Caress, West Virginia
Cocked Hat, Delaware
Crook, Colorado
Cut and Shoot, Texas
Czar, West Virginia
Ding Dong, Texas
Dingy, West Virginia
Disco, Michigan
Dumbell, Wyoming
Eighty Eight, Kentucky
Eighty Four, Pennsylvania
Fickle, Indiana
Firebrick, Kentucky
Fireworks, Massachusetts
Flintstone, Maryland
French Lick, Indiana
Frying Pan, North Carolina
Funk, Ohio
Gasoline, Texas
Glen Campbell, Pennsylvania
Good Intent, Pennsylvania
Greasy Corner, Arkansas
Gun Barrel City, Texas (This is actually a sizable suburb of Dallas!)
Hacker Valley, West Virginia
Half Hell, North Carolina
Handshoe, Kentucky
Hell, Michigan
Hundred, West Virginia
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Jackpot, Nevada
Jot Em Down, Texas

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