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Central and northern Europe (including the British Isles) are famous for their quality beers. However, the rapid expansion of microbreweries and brew pubs in the last two decades has allowed the United States to join the list of countries with the highest-rated beer (even with the larger breweries pulling the average down). Central American nations have the lowest-rated beer, on average. Tropical countries tend to rank lower since hops grow best in cooler climates.

These rankings are based on the average ratings given by people on (based on the 100 most commonly-rated beers in any given country, unless there are fewer than 100 rated beers). For a country to be ranked (generally applies to the second low-rating list), it must have at least 5 rated beers (and 50 ratings total). While the website is based in the United States, the ratings come from people from a variety of countries (mostly developed).

Highest Rated:

1. Belgium
2. United Kingdom
3. Germany
4. United States
5. Sweden
6. Canada
7. Ireland
8. Czech Republic
9. Norway
10. Austria

Lowest Rated:

1. Nicaragua
2. Fiji
3. Cuba
4. El Salvador
5. South Korea
6. Guatemala
7. Taiwan
8. Panama
9. Venezuela
10. Dominican Republic

If Hong Kong were included as a country, it would rank #8 from the bottom.

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