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Numerous (though not all) Muslim countries have their main "weekend" day on Friday (the day of prayer). Most of these countries have the "weekend" being Thursday and Friday (though some countries have six-day workweeks and only have Friday off). Some Muslim countries have the Monday through Friday work week, common in the West, like Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia and the former Soviet republics with Muslim majorities, like Kazakhstan. Israel is the only country without a Muslim majority to have a non-Western work week. Pakistan changed to a Monday through Saturday work week in 1997. Frequently, in countries where people work six days per week, there is a shorter work day.

Below are the typical days off in each country (though they often differ between the private and public sectors).

1. Afghanistan (Friday)
2. Algeria (Thursday, Friday)
3. Bahrain (Thursday, Friday)
4. Bangladesh (Friday, Saturday)
5. Egypt (Friday, Saturday)
6. Iran (Friday)
7. Iraq (Friday)
8. Israel (Friday, Saturday)
9. Jordan (Friday, sometimes Saturday)
10. Kuwait (Thursday, Friday)
11. Libya (Friday)
12. Malaysia (parts of the country have Thursday and Friday off, though most of the country have Saturday and Sunday off)
13. Maldives (Friday, Saturday)
14. Mauritania (Friday, Saturday)
15. Oman (Thursday, Friday)
16. Qatar (Thursday, Friday)
17. Saudi Arabia (Thursday, Friday)
18. Sudan (Friday)
19. Syria (Friday)
20. United Arab Emirates (Thursday, Friday)
21. Yemen (Thursday, Friday)

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