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Only 17 (independent) nations only border one other nation. Most are small, but yet the world's second largest nation is the glaring exception. Except for the 3 enclaves (Lesotho, San Marino, Italy), all have a coastline (required if a country only has one land border and is not an enclave). Salt water boundaries (like the straits between Singapore and Malaysia or Denmark and Sweden, even with a connecting bridge) do not count. The countries below are listed in order of their land area.

1. Canada
(United States)
2. Papua New Guinea
3. United Kingdom
4. South Korea
(North Korea)
5. Portugal
6. Ireland
(United Kingdom)
7. Dominican Republic
8. Denmark
9. Lesotho
(South Africa)
10. Haiti
(Dominican Republic)
11. East Timor
12. Qatar
(Saudi Arabia)
13. The Gambia
14. Brunei
15. San Marino
16. Monaco
17. Vatican City

(Bordering countries are listed in parentheses.)

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