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Weird street names make for popular lists on this website (see Atypical Avenues and Rogue Roads). Since it is NCAA basketball tournament season, here are a few basketball street names from around the U.S. (some definitely weird!). Note that street names range from very appropriate for the location, like Naismith Blvd. in Lawrence, Kansas, where James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, used to coach, to a bit...let's say...geographically-challenging (Bobby Knight Georgia???).

Basketball Court--Angleton, TX
Basketball Court--Holly Springs, MS
Basketball Lane--Diamond, MO
Bobby Knight Road--Du Pont, GA
Bracket Lane--Winchester, IL
Bracket Lane--Tallahassee, FL
Championship Drive--Sarasota, FL (among many others)
Dribble Drive--Portland, OR
Free Throw Court--Charlotte, NC
Free Throw Lane--Lancaster, MO
Naismith Blvd.--Eugene, OR
Naismith Drive--Lawrence, KS
Naismith Place--Topeka, KS
Scoreboard Street--Las Vegas, NV
Time Out Drive--Westminster, SC
Time Out Place--Tamassee, SC
Tournament Drive--Williams, AZ (among others)

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