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Most nations use modern Western Arabic numerals (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) on their license plates (and for most other uses). However, some countries in Asia and North Africa use other numeric systems for their license plates (and often for other uses, like currency or even writing).

In the Middle East (and some Islamic parts of Africa), many countries use the modern Eastern Arabic numerals (see this website for an example), which look much different from the Western Arabic numerals used in the United States and most other nations. Burma has a completely unique way of writing numbers (go here for their numerals). Bangladesh also has a unique script, for writing numbers, while Nepal uses a Hindi numeric script (sometimes used in India, though not on license plates).

1. Afghanistan
2. Bahrain *
3. Bangladesh
4. Burma
5. Djibouti *
6. Egypt **
7. Iran
8. Iraq ***
9. Jordan *
10. Kuwait ***
11. Lebanon *
12. Nepal
13. Oman *
14. Qatar *
15. Saudi Arabia **
16. Somalia *
17. Sudan
18. Syria *
19. United Arab Emirates ***
20. Yemen **

* Uses both Western and Non-Western numerals on the same license plate.
** Some license plates have both Western and Non-Western numerals; others have only Non-Western numerals.
*** There is some other mix of license plates (some might have only Western numerals; others might have only Non-Western numerals).

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