Bonus List


Here are the answers...

1. Antigua and Barbuda:
An-TEE-guh and Bar-BOO-duh (the u in Antigua is not pronounced)
2. Benin:
Beh-NEEN (the second syllable is pronounced)
3. Cape Verde:
Cape Vurd (the last e in Verde is silent)
4. Comoros:
COMM-uh-rose (the last syllable is pronounced with the z sound, like the flower rose)
5. Cote D'Ivoire:
Coat-dee-VWAR (typical French)
6. Dominica:
Doh-min-EE-ka (the 3rd syllable is accented)
7. Guyana:
Guy-ANN-uh (the first syllable is "guy", not "ghee", unless you're referring to French Guiana)
8. Kiribati:
KIRR-uh-bass (that's right, pronounce the "ti" as an s)
9. Kyrgyzstan:
KIRR-ghee-STAWN (the middle g is a hard g)
10. Lesotho:
Le-SOO-too (or alternatively, Le-SOH-toh, but never Le-SOH-thoh)
11. Nauru:
Nah-OO-roo (it's a 3-syllable word, with the 2nd syllable emphasized)
12. Niger:
Can be either NIGH-jer or Nee-ZHAR (never with a hard g)
13. Qatar:
Can be either KOT-ter or KHUT-ter
14. Rwanda:
Roo-AHN-duh (it's a 3 syllable word; the w acts as a vowel)
15. Saint Lucia:
Lucia can be either LOO-shuh or Loo-SEE-uh
16. Seychelles:
Say-SHELLS (the last syllable is accented; sometimes the last s is dropped)
17. Trinidad and Tobago:
Tobago is Tuh-BAY-goh (always with a long a)

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