Bonus List


There are so many strange street names in various parts of the United States that we can add to the ones found in the book...

Basketball Court--Holly Springs, Mississippi
Billy Bob Road--Keithville, Louisiana
Boner Street--Willacoochee, Georgia
Broken Leg Road--rural Montana (east of Big Fork)
Clit Court--Albany, New York
Cock of the Walk Lane--Maumelle, Arkansas
Diebold Road--Fort Wayne, Indiana
(Hope the vote gets counted correctly in that road's precinct!)
Great Drum Circle--Columbia, Maryland
Hernia Place--rural Minnesota (north of Alexandria)
Injun Place--Tucson, Arizona
Jim Beam Place--Clark, Colorado
Malfunction Junction--Garden Valley, Idaho
Monkey Magic Blvd.--rural New Mexico (NW of Estancia)
(Actually a dead-end road, not a full-fledged boulevard)
Morning Wood Drive--Laguna Niguel, California
(This is in a newer suburban neighborhood, not a rural area!)
Peepee Street--Hilo, Hawaii
(Peepee Place, Peepee Way and a Peepee Falls Street can also be found in Hilo!)
Pinch Em Slyly Place--near Charlottesville, Virginia
Poopoo Place--Kailua, Hawaii
Purple Haze Street--Las Vegas, Nevada
Slim Whitman Road--rural Texas (SE of Livingston)
Snake Bite Road--rural Nevada (between Austin and Fallon
Tic-Tac Road--near Providence, Alabama
Tinkled Pink Drive--Gualala, California
Unida Place--San Diego, California
(Intersects with Haveteur Way)

More weird street names can be found here.

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