Chapter 7


Here are just a few of the lists you'll find in Chapter Seven...

Highest Ratios of Incomes Between Bordering Nations
This is the rich neighbor's per capita income divided by the poor neighbor's per capita income.

Countries in Which the Highest Percentage of Electricity Produced Is from Alternative Sources
Here's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the Philippines, El Salvador and Iceland in the same "top 10" list.

Ten Most Populous Countries Without a McDonald's Restaurant
Over 70 independent nations in the world have no McDonald's.

U.S. Metropolitan Areas with the Highest Sales At Book Stores and News Dealers per Capita
If you live in one of these metropolitan areas, you're probably statistically more likely to buy The Largest U.S. Cities Named After a Food...and Other Mind-Boggling Geography Lists from Around the World. You're also probably more likely to buy lots of college textbooks!

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