Chapter 6


Here are just a few of the lists you'll find in Chapter Six...

Locals Only: U.S. Cities Where People Born in the City's State Make up the Highest Percentage of the Population
On average, about 90 percent of the people in these ten cities are natives of the state.

U.S. Cities (Outside of the Northeast) with the Most People Born in the Northeastern United States (As a Percentage of the Population)
Do you think there are a lot of northeastern transplants in southern Florida? You're correct!

Countries from Which the Most Immigrants Came to the United States (1991-2000)
Countries very near (Mexico, Canada) and very far (India, Vietnam) made this list.

Countries from Which the Fewest Immigrants Came to the United States (1991-2000)
One country had zero immigrants to the United States. The #2 country on the list had 8.

U.S. Cities with the Highest Percentage of Females
A retirement community is #1. A city with a women's college is #2.

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