Chapter 5


Here are just a few of the lists you'll find in Chapter Five...

Hottest Capital and Major Cities in the World
These cities are meccas for heat!

Places Which Have Never Recorded a 90 Degree Temperature
Which capitals of tropical countries are in this list?

Weather Stations (at Low Elevations) Closest to the Equator That Have Recorded a Freezing Temperature
Yet another tropical capital city made this list!

Wet and Dry Seasons: The Most Extreme Locations
Some of these places get 30, 40, even 50 or more inches per month (on average) in the wet season. They get little more than sprinkles (on a good day) in the dry season. None are even close to the U.S.

Good Visibility: Ten Cities in the United States with the Highest Percentage of Time When Visibility Is 10 Miles or More
Hmmm...I wonder if binocular sales are high in Tucson.

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