Chapter 4


Here are just a few of the lists you'll find in Chapter Four...

Stand-Alone Cities: 10 Largest U.S. Cities That Have No Large Suburbs or Adjacent Cities
Only a few people can say "I live in the suburbs of Jacksonville...or Anchorage."

Small Central City, Larger Metropolitan Area
Quite the opposite. Usually this is where you have multiple cities in a metro-area, like Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson or Washington-Baltimore.

Richest Towns in the United States
If the incomes in these towns were split among all men, women and children, everybody would be making more than $100,000 per year. Not even Beverly Hills made this list!

Poorest Towns in the United States
Most people haven't heard of any of these places. And most of these per capita incomes are similar to those in the "developing" world.

U.S. Cities with the Highest Percentage of No-Vehicle Households
Many people would agree that it would be best that the #1 city on this list not have more cars.

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