Chapter 2


Here are just a few of the lists you'll find in Chapter Two...

Good Day Trips: Towns Within 100 Miles of 5 or More Foreign Countries
There's one spot in Europe within 100 miles of Seven foreign countries!

Land of State Lines: U.S. Towns Within 100 Miles of Six or More Other States
As one would expect, some of these are in the Northeast. But not all!

Some Places Are Further East, West, North or South Than...
Did you know that Crescent City, California is further NORTH than New Bedford, Massachusetts?

Very Steep Mountains: Shortest Horizontal Distances in the U.S. Where the Elevation Changes by 10,000 Feet
Only 5 mountains in the 48 contiguous states can claim this. But what about Alaska and Hawaii?

Nations Where The Capital Cities Are on Islands, Yet Other Parts of the Nations Are on the Mainland
Strange, but true. There are 3 countries in this category.

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